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Horses are sold on a first come basis.  We do not hold horses unless we receive a non-refundable cash deposit on that horse.  We also sell many horses to out of state buyers and may be talking with someone from another state or someone that has previously come out and tried the horse, so the horse may sell at any time if we have not received a deposit to hold.  Setting an appointment to come see horse, does not guarantee that the horse will not sell before that appointed time.  If a horse does sell, we make every attempt to contact anyone who has set an appointment to see that particular horse and let them know, but it is always best to check in before you come and make sure that horse is still available.  We try to provide prospective purchasers with all the information good and bad that we know about a horse.  Some of the horses we may not have had for long periods of time, may not have much background info on, and/or we may not see certain behaviors, habits or problems in their time here.  We do our best to represent our horses openly and honestly, and to spend time riding, handling and evaluating each horse before marketing it, but make no guarantees on fitness, behavior, soundness or suitability.  We welcome veterinary prepurchase exams at buyers expense.  We will be happy to haul the horse to a vet of your choice in most instances, or depending on distance/circumstances allow the buyer to haul the horse. 


We do accept deposits on horses.  The deposit amount is a minimum of 20 percent of the purchase price of the horse unless other agreements are made.  Deposits are not the same as a payment plan.  Generally, we take deposits for buyers that want to hold a horse until they can come view the horse in person, for the buyer that needs to make stabling arrangements, or for out of state buyers to allow time to make shipping arrangements.  We will hold the horse for a maximum time period of 10 days.  At that time, payment in full for the horse is due, or the horse will be put back on the market.  ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE.  This policy is due to us having to take the horse off the market, turn away other potential buyers and having to re run advertisements should the purchase of the horse not be completed.  We will make considerations for out of state buyers making shipping arrangements, but horse(s) will need to be paid in full at the end of the 10 day period and boarding fees will accrue daily after the first week (7 days) from date of deposit. 

Payment Plans

We do NOT offer payment plans on our horses.  All sales are to be paid in full at the time the horse is picked up. 

Trial Periods

We do NOT allow trial periods on our horses.  You are welcome to come visit, handle and ride any of horses as many times as you like before making a decision, but we do not allow our horses to go out on trials.  We have this policy in the interest of our horses safety.  We also generally have several people interested in one horse and like to keep that horse available for all buyers to see and ride.  In the case of a trained performance horse, we will haul to local arenas or events, within reason, for you to try in a competition or arena setting. 


We accept Cash and Wire/Bank Transfer for payment only!  Due to the large amount of scammers, we can not accept cashiers checks, money orders etc.  We do take some local personal checks, but will not release the horse from our property until the check clears our bank.  We will hold a horse with a non-refundable cash deposit and release the horse when paid in full.  The amount of the deposit is generally 20 percent of the purchase price. 


Buyers are responsible for making their own shipping arrangements and covering all costs/payments to the selected shipper.  We do not recommend shippers, but will be happy to work with the shipper of your choice.  We have sent horses to California, Pennsylvania and many states in between.  Have your shipper contact us and we will set an appointment to have your horse picked up.  We will have him ready to go when they arrive with all necessary paperwork. 


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