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This page is about our equine rescues.  We take in many rescue cases, rehabilitate them and place them in new homes, find them a new career, or keep them for our camp program.  We will be working on this page and adding information, bios and photos of the horses we've rescued, past and present, from various situations and add updates on them.  We believe that many horses that don't perform well in one discipline, or have some behavior or soundness issues that their current owners wish to give up on, can be retrained and/or rehabilitated in a different discipline and still live a long, productive and happy life.  Many are ex race horses, older horses, horses that can no longer continue a performance career due to an injury or age, some have been turned out and "forgotten", many are thin, in need of veterinary/farrier work (which we provide for them), untrained or have various other problems.  Many of these horses are auction bound, or worse.  We strive to help as many as we can.  If you know of a horse in need, let us know, maybe we can help. 



Lucky, TB Mare

-SOLD--New Arrival 1-22-12.  "Lucky" is a tattooed TB mare, she came to us from a local race horse owner who saved her from her previous owner that was going to shoot her because he didn't want to feed her anymore.  Lucky is seriously under weight, and has been neglected for quite some time.  She was a race horse in her early days and then reportedly had extensive training under western tack.  She has been wormed and started on a good feeding program and is already starting to show improvement in her weight.  She has a wonderful, quiet personality, excellent manners and still has a spark in her eyes.  She loves people and attention, is a good eater and seems in very good spirits despite her condition.  Lucky will be evaluated once she is at a better weight, she is not currently being offered for adoption or sale until she is in better weight and gone through evaluation under saddle.  We will be posting updates on her as she progresses in her rehab. 

UPDATE 4/6/12
"Lucky" has put on weight and is ready to find a new home!!  She really came around fast and has turned out to be an easy keeper!  She is up to date on all her vet work, worming, coggins, etc.  We've put her back under saddle and found her to be really well trained.  She neck reins, spins, sidepasses, does rollbacks, and is responsive to cues without being hot or silly.  She also knows the barrel and pole patterns!  Lucky is a great ride, wonderful ground manners, stands quietly for grooming, saddling, bridling, clipping, baths, farrier and vet.  She ties, loads and hauls great and is in general super nice to handle and be around.  We think she would be an awesome mount for team penning, playdays, barrels, polo, or nice quiet trail rides.  She is responsive and very well trained, so would be best suited to a teen rider on up.  Email for more info and pricing!!  She is ready for a new home!

High Achiever, 7yr Jockey Club Gelding

--SOLD--Arrived 8/5/10.  7yr old gelding, 16H tall, "Dennis" was a winning race horse with over $37,000 in earnings on the race track, last raced in February of this year and just didn't win his last few races.  We aren't sure how he ended up in the condition he is in or what has happened to him since coming off the track, but do know that he ended up at a horse sale where a man bought him and then called us to come take him in and hopefully rehab him.  Dennis is sound and doesn't appear to have any injuries from his racing career, but is terribly underweight and doesn't appear to have been cared for much if at all in the last few months.  We brought him home, cleaned him up and have been easing him into a feeding program slowly due to his condition.  Despite his condition he is bright and happy to see people and get any attention he can.  We will have him examined by a vet and get all his vet work up to date and form a plan to get him back on track.  Dennis is not offered for sale at this time, but we will be posting updates and photos of his progress. 

UPDATE 9/10/10---- Dennis is coming along well.  He's eating good and picking up weight nicely.  His coat is starting to slick off and he's getting a nice shine to him.  He's a character and has a lot of personality.  He's quickly become a barn favorite here!  He is still too thin to start into a training program, so is just enjoying some good feed, rest and getting daily attention.  We will post more updates soon! 

UPDATE 10/12/10
Dennis is doing fantastic and is starting to turn into the beautiful horse we knew he could be!  He still has a little more to gain, but we feel he is now ready to find a home and an owner of his own that will appreciate him and care for him like he deserves.  We have not yet started riding him, but feel he is ready and will start working with him soon.  He has a wonderful personality, loves attention, grooming, stands tied, bathes, clips and loads.  Email for pricing and more info if you are interested in giving Dennis a wonderful home!

Delta Image, 2001 AQHA Mare

--SOLD--Arrived 11/17/09--8yr AQHA, brown mare by Deltas First Dash SI 97, by First Down Dash and out of a daughter of Dealin Easy by Hempen.  She also has the great Tinys Gay, Surf Jet and Eighty Jets on her papers.  We were told Delta has been a broodmare.  She is a super sweet girl and has the nicest personality and ground manners.  She came to us very thin, and is currently being updated on all her vet care, worming, feet, teeth, put on a good feed program and will be offered for sale after she puts her weight back on and goes into training.  Delta is sound and should make a great pleasure or performance horse in the future.  Watch for updates on this sweet mare!!  Delta is NOT FOR SALE at this time!! 

UPDATE  12/15/09  NEW PICTURE.  Delta is making great progress!  She's been wormed, feet trimmed, updated on all her veterinary work and is gaining weight nicely!  She's much brighter and more alert, but still very polite and easy to handle.  We'll be posting more updates soon! 

UPDATE 12/27/09  We have started riding Delta.  She is very quiet, stands for saddling, lunges beautifully and doesn't mind being ridden.  She is very green, but no buck, spookiness, etc.  She just needs some time and work.  She will continue in her under saddle training and should make an outstanding barrel prospect!!  She has great movement, flat kneed, long strided and smooth.  We are offering Delta for sale at this time.  Email for pricing.

March 2010, new photo.

3yr AQHA race bred filly

--SOLD--3yr AQHA registered filly.  This sweet young filly arrived on 12/2/08.  She has great racing bloodlines.  Her sire is an own son of Runaway Winner out of any Easily Smashed mare and her dam is an own daughter of Mystic Eye out of a Turfs Best mare.  This filly came to us due to a serious hoof injury.  She got caught in a fence and injured her front foot.  Her owner's did not find it right away and didn't feel they were equipped to care for it properly, so offered her to us to try to help her.  She will be seen by our veterinarian and our farrier will be doing corrective work on her foot to repair the damage.  At this point we do expect her to make a full recovery, but it will take some time.  After she's been evaluated by the vet and farrier, we will post updates on her treatment here and update with photos of her progress.  She is not available for adoption at this time.  UPDATE 1/4/09 Mystic is doing well, she has been treated by the vet and farrier and is making great progress.  She is traveling sound now, and has had her foot repaired by removing the cracked portion and then using a plate and screws to create a patch to bring the split together.  Bottom photo shows her foot as of this week.  She's been wormed and is putting on weight.  We will post new photos of her this week.  This filly is expected to make a full recovery and although she'll have some scarring (we're not expecting too much) and will more than likely need to wear shoes, she should be able to make a nice riding horse and even a performance horse.  Mystic is now being offered for sale, inquire for pricing and details. 

Flash, 7yr paint pony mare

--SOLD--Flash is a pretty, loud colored sorrel and white paint pony.  She is approximately 13H tall and very elegant.  She looks like a small Thoroughbred.  Flash's previous owners did not take very good care of her, and she is thin.  She was part of a Sheriff's seizure and run through a horse sale.  We purchased her from a horse trader we know that bought her through the auction.  Flash picked up the flu while at the sale barn, but is being cared for by us now.  She will make a full recovery.  She is on daily antibiotics, free choice hay and will be started on feed as soon as her system can handle it.  She's wearing a warm blanket and in a stall where she can recuperate in comfort.  She will be available once she is well again and has put on some weight.  She is broke to ride, but won't be evaluated by us until a later date, and seems to be very sweet and gentle.  She has wonderful ground manners and stands perfect for blanketing and handling.  She is sound, has good feet, clean legs and is a beautiful mover.  We think she'll make a dynamite english pony, or super partner for a young rider.  UPDATE 1/4/09  Flash is completley well, has gained weight and is now being offered for sale.  We have saddled her up and ridden her, and she did great!  She will walk, trot and canter under saddle and never offered to buck, act sour, or do anything other than try to please.  She is a real pretty mover, long strided and flat kneed.  We think she'd make an awesome pony club mount.  She is suitable for leadline for small or inexperienced kids, and can be ridden alone by older children that know the basics of riding.  Flash is being offered at $650.  New photos coming soon.  Email for more info or to come meet her!!



Rain, 12yr Pony Mare

--SOLD--Rain is a 12yr old welsh cross pony that stands close to 13H tall.  She is an elegant built pony and looks more like a small horse with a beautiful long neck, cute head and nice comformation.  She's a pretty sorrel with a long flaxen mane and tail.  We purchased Rain from a neglectful home last year where she was not being taken care of very well.  She is healthy and in good weight now, but does have an old injury to her hip which will prevent her from doing any hard work.  She is great for leadline and walk/trot work for small kids, but does have a slight limp at a trot.  We sent her to one of our summer camps this year and she was great for grooming and leadline lessons for the little ones.  She is very calm and quiet and loves attention.  We would like to see her in a home where she will get frequent attention and only light use.  Photos coming soon.  Price $550.



Lady, 16yr QH Mare

--ADOPTED--Lady is a super sweet approximately 16yr old grade QH mare.  She is broke to ride and very gentle.  She would do great for kids, lessons or a quiet trail horse.  She is underweight and needs a home where she will be fed at least twice daily.  She is a cribber, but can be controlled with a collar.  She also has a little bit shorter stride in one back leg due to an old muscle injury, this condition is known as Fibrotic Myopathy, it is not a pain issue, purely mechanical and is caused by a muscle injury that didn't heal right at one point in her life.  It does not require any special care or maintenance, does not affect her performance or usefulness, and she can safely and painlessly be used for any discipline.  We'd be happy to discuss this more with anyone that would like more info.  She is a wonderful little mare with a lot to offer to a family, lesson or therapy program, or would be a great partner for trail riding after she gains her weight back.  She ties, loads, clips, bathes, picks up her feet and has nice ground manners.  She stands approximately 14.2H tall and will have a nice QH build when she gains the weight back.  She has a current coggins and we just wormed her and started her slowly on a good feeding program.  Adoption fee is $350.  Email for more photos and info or to come out and meet this sweet girl.  Update 4/18 Lady has found a great home where she will finish her rehab and eventually be a lesson horse for kids! 

Fly 2yr old QH filly

--ADOPTED--Fly is just turning 2yrs this year.  She was a late baby and had a rough start, so she is small for her age at only 13H.  She is super cute, sorrel with a blaze face and white socks.  She came from a racing stables and is bred to run.  She is by a Strawfly Special, Martha Six Moons stud and out of a race bred mare, but the mare was never listed on the stallion report and Fly can not be registered.  She is totally healthy, she is just now being halter broke and learns very quickly.  This filly is super smart and willing.  The race farm owners didn't have any use for her, so we thought we'd take her and find her a good home.  She'll make a super little barrel or playday horse for a small adult or youth rider with her great breeding and willing attitude.  She's great with other horses, although low on the pecking order since her siblings are all much larger than she is, and would make a great companion for another horse, too.  We are asking $350 for Fly, great opportunity to get a well bred horse at a low price. 

Kildee 5yr QH gelding

--ADOPTED-- Kildee is a rescue in need of a good home. His previous owners didn't have time for a young horse and sent him to auction where he was purchased by a killer buyer.  He is so personable and friendly and came right up to us for attention.  We decided to buy him and find him a good home.  He is underweight and needs some TLC, but is completely sound and healthy and has a bright future ahead of him.  We have wormed him and started him on a good feeding program and he is already starting to pick up and look better.  He has a wonderful personality, just loves attention and people.  He is green broke to ride, and while he still needs some training, he seems very gentle.  We think he will make a wonderful horse for just about any discipline, from playdays, trails, english or western and with some time and training a good family horse.  He just needs someone with the time to teach him a job.  He is approximately 5yrs old and stands 14.2H tall.  He has nice balanced conformation, straight legs, and is really flashy with all his roan markings.  If you're interested in meeting him, let us know and we'd be happy to introduce you!  He is not suitable for beginners or young children at this time due to lack of training.  Price $575.  1/27/08 We're pleased to let everyone know that Kildee has found a wonderful home with a nice local family today.  We will be receiving updates on him and will post news as we get it.